It’s over!

September 4, 2011

We are finally married (again!)

Thank you to all of you who journeyed out to Bjorklunden. We had a beautiful time, and you all contributed greatly to that.

We will be uploading photos soon. Mike is going through them, picking out the good ones, and sprucing them up a bit. We’ll try to track down an internet connection good enough to put some up soon.

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  • I loved hearing the music cd and getting to know you better thru music. Joyce said the whole weekend was lovely and fun! I hear Kari is a dyi-er (welcome to the group!) and did a lot of personal touches for the celebration. I’d love to have your email address and am looking forward to seeing the pics.
    BTW: There’s a website: you probably found it, hometown boy however!
    Congratulations and I will keep you in my thoughts for a great NW job to come open. IT’ll happen, timing is everything!
    All the best to you together and individually! Love, Phylis

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