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December 2, 2020

Electronic stamp: A digital payment method, e-stamp requires the payer to make payments via RTGS / NEFT or even by cheque/cash/DD. After successful payment, the buyer receives the electronic stamp certificate, which includes all mentions such as the date of issue, the type of stamp duty and a separate certificate number. Nor should there be any delay in the payment of stamp duty. It must be paid before or one day after the execution of a sales contract. A delay in the payment of stamp duty can be a penalty of up to 2 per cent of the deficit that is added each month. The penalty can increase the value of the deficit by up to 200%. Although the use of the old stamp paper is valid after six months of purchase, it is best to refund it to the collector within six months and to refund or use it as soon as possible. It is very risky and expensive to use old stamp papers for backdated agreements, but they can be used for new agreements under existing legislation. In the future, the government plans to limit the validity of stamp papers to one year. It can remove paper stamps and introduce electronic stamp papers to make the process more transparent and avoid a loss of revenue for the government. If you still have old stamp papers with you, it`s best if you use them or drop them.

Stamp duty is lower for women: some states in India have reduced their stamp duty for women when registering property under their name. In Delhi, for example, buyers must pay 4% of the value of sales in the form of stamp duty, compared to 6%, which is the standard rate. 1930 raja swai jai singh stempel. Only 132 printed in Rajasthan. Where Rair stamp and precious tampons. Stamp duty rates: Stamp duty rates in different states of India range from 4 to 10%. However, registration fees are set at the federal level at the federal level. As has already been said, agreements that are placed on old stamp paper are valid. In Thiruvengada Pillai vs. Navaneethammal – Anr. (see here), it was decided by the Honourable Supreme Court that the Indian Stamp Act does not impose an expiration date for the use of stamp paper. Within the six-month period covered in Section 54, it is simply stated that a person in possession of a stamp paper for which he had no direct use and for which he was not used directly is not corrupted, unfit or unnecessary, that he can be handed over to the collector and refunded after deduction of 10 paise per rupee.

Section 54 does not require a person to use a stamp paper within six months of purchase. As a result, the reimbursement of an old stamp paper cannot be made after six months, but there are no restrictions on its use. Stamp duty to qualify for a home loan: you must pay a stamp duty if you take a credit for the purchase of the property. In this case, you are required to deposit your real estate securities with the bank in addition to a company with which you mention that these securities are submitted by you on your own will to acquire the loan. This business is registered, as well as an amount of 0.1 to 0.2% of the amount of the home loan in the form of a stamp duty for these. The Indian Stamp Act, 1899 deals with the registration of agreements/documents in India. The stamp of agreements and documents is desirable because it guarantees legality and validity, applicability and admissibility in the courts, since such agreements can be registered under the 1908 Registration Act, which guarantees its applicability. Unless you are required to obtain a registered contract, such as under the Contracts Act, The Indian Registration Act or any other law in India, you are not required to register documents.

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