You and your wife began supporting your widowed wife`s father in 2013. Your wife died in 2018. Despite your wife`s death, your father-in-law continues to do this test, even if he doesn`t live with you. You can claim it as a dependent fee if all other tests are met, including the gross income test and the support test. The year you provide assistance is the year you pay, even if you do so with borrowed money that you will repay later. You know you`re at the heart of your budget, but would the IRS consider you the head of the household? To register as an HOH for 2017, there are certain rules that you must follow: your father lives with you and receives 25% of his Social Security assistance, 40% of you, 24% of his brother (your uncle) and 11% of a friend. Either you or your uncle can claim your father as dependent if the other signs a statement that disagrees. The person who claims his father as a dependant must attach a supplement to Form 2120 or a similar declaration and keep for his registrations the signed declaration of the one who agrees not to claim his father as a dependant. You buy a $150 TV as a birthday present for your 12-year-old. The television is in your child`s room. You can include the cost of television in your child`s support. If your qualified person is your father or mother, you can register as a head of household, even if your father or mother does not live with you. However, you must be able to claim your father or mother as dependent.

In addition, you must pay more than half the cost of receiving a home that has been the main home for your father or mother all year round. The total value of the fair value belonging to the home of a person who owns it is considered by that person to be a support. If any of the above provisions were included in a pre-1985 order or agreement, the non-custodial parent must have allocated more than US$600 during the year to assist the child. During the year, your son will receive $2,200 from the government under the GI Act. He uses this amount for his training. They provide the rest of his help – $2000. As the benefits of the GI are included in the overall support, your son`s total support is 4,200 USD (2,200 USD – 2,000 USD). They did not provide more than half of its support. You, your 5-year-old son, and the father of your son, have lived together all year. You and your son`s father are not married.

Your son is a qualified child of you and his father, because he meets the relationship, age, residence, support and return tests common for you and his father. Your AGI is 12,000 USD and your father`s AGI 14,000 USD.

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