Source: This is what I have already proposed, it does not agree. Ask to go back to point 2. I mentioned the rented address as the current residence address, it appears on the passport form that LDR can be created by downloading information about the lost passport in the Tamil Nadu Police Department portal with a photo ID card. 1) You can indicate your rental address as a temporary residence address in the passport application The issue has been discussed with the Ministry`s Legal and Contract Service (TT) and it has been decided that the registered tenancy agreement, duly registered in accordance with Article 17 of the Registration Act 1908 and executed by the lessor for a period of more than one year in favour of the tenant, will be accepted as proof of valid address for the application for the passport. 1) Try to convince him that you have mentioned your parents` home as your permanent address and you have no interest in claiming a share of rental accommodation In the possession of the owner There has been a growing demand from different sections in recent years to bring relaxation when presenting the address. The union`s Department of Foreign Affairs has long received such requests from passport issuers and the public to treat the registered lease as one of the valid documents as proof of address. However, this procedure is limited only for passports that have disappeared in Tamil Nadu. 2) If your landlord refuses to give NOC for the use of the apartment to rent as the current address in your passport application, inform the owner that you wish to evacuate the premises. 10 Parental copy, for minors (first and last page) You cannot specify this address as your permanent address, but you can use it as a postal address. However, the address mentioned in current bell, ration card, municipality for home tax, etc. do not support your title in the property It is just confusion and it can be easily eliminated. You can only give your landlord an affidavit regarding the use of their home as an address in the passport on the tenant`s property and you cannot use or invoke it for any purpose. 2) If a member of my family changes later in this house, he might not use the address, as it is blocked by you and an address can only be used by one family, Harmanbir Singh, regional passport agent, “Although we relax the standards of proof of address, we will be very strict while checking whether the tenant has remained at the address indicated for a year or more and if the agreement is executed in accordance with the rules set out in the deed.” The owner`s fears are useless and he is not ready to give NOC keping to his own fears in his head, but he cannot be forced.

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