When WaterNSW attempts to acquire works, activities, goods and/or services on a permanent offer basis, the Standing Offer Deed, in conjunction with the above-mentioned contracts, is used to conclude such an agreement. The Standing Offer Deed does not work alone – it must be placed before a contract for goods and/or services, a professional service contract or a construction company contract. All medical devices are available through a permanent offer contract. A standing offer agreement is a panel contract negotiated by HealthShare NSW with suppliers. This agreement is managed to provide the best value for the equipment. These agreements are regularly renewed and updated. For low-value professional or consulting services, we may also consider engaging under the conditions of the NSW Government Performance and Management Services Scheme SCM0005. The proposed construction contract is for WaterNSW`s acquisition of construction or design projects. Project types may include: The Professional Services Template is designed for the acquisition of professional services by WaterNSW, of any value (including small value projects).

Professional services include: The standing offer deed cannot be used with this model. WaterNSW has a number of standard contractual suites that we generally accept when we approach the market to purchase goods and services, including construction. We support the contract form that we de think is appropriate for any relevant purchase. Below are the typical circumstances in which each contract can be used in the standard contract models: the schedule is part of each contract. It contains additional requirements for directives, codes and standards, as well as the form of various ancillary documents such as document investigation, unconditional obligation, parent company warranty, subcontractor guarantee and legal declaration to be provided to WaterNSW under the contract. Annie van der Merwe Category Officer, Medical Equipment Unit 02 8907 1482antoinette.vanderMerwe@health.nsw.gov.au. ICT contracting parties are encouraged to become registered suppliers under the ICT services program to ensure that they are best prepared and well prepared to participate in relevant purchasing events.

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