Rental Agreement Turkey

December 16, 2020

The landlord is required to inform the tenant at least one month before the expiry of the tenancy agreement (which the tenant may force to renew, see below) of the amount of rent he wants for the new tenancy period. If the tenant does not accept this amount, the landlord can request an assessment of the rental value of the property through an application to a court. The Tribunal will consider an expert`s report on the reasonable rent amount for the property in question, taking into account current market rents. There is no other form of rent control in Turkey. What kind of disputes do you usually come across on expat leases? The conditions for leasing real estate will be reviewed under the new Debt Act, which came into force on February 2, 2011. According to this law, if the tenant cannot pay the rent, the landlord must inform the tenant in writing of a payment period due. Tenants at work time must be at least thirty days for places of residence and employment. If the tenant does not pay the rent within this time, if he receives the written notification, the lease is terminated and the property is invited to be evacuated. The increase in rents in Turkey is determined each year by the consumer price index (T-ketici Fiyatlar- Endeksi – T-FE in Turkish) [see section 3A below] If you rent your property for daily rents`.

Instead of making annual tax returns for your real estate rent, we understand that it will now be required every month, just like any other business unit, including VAT. For owners who DO PAYINGing family or friends to stay if the owner is not present. Registration of the accommodation and all guests entered into the G-YK-MB-L system for the year is required. If you rent commercially, you must… Register and own with your local authority and obtain your commercial license. Enter the GIYKIMBIL system with your Polis or Jandama to register your guests. Pay income taxes. Pay your 18% KDV [VAT] on each rent. You will agree with your landlord on what you agree to, write down all payment transactions and note the white goods and other furniture and appliances that are already in the house you want to rent.

Basic rentals are available for pure coins in fixed stores. It is also advisable to discuss how you will terminate your contract prematurely if necessary, as the standard is to provide at least two months of written and notarized notifications sent by PTT mail; Otherwise, the owner could make you responsible for the remaining months mentioned in the contract. Rent is usually due in the first days of the month (on a contractually agreed date). Payments can be made in Turkish lira or in another currency, as agreed by the tenant and landlord (there are no restrictions under Turkish law). However, to avoid unreported rental income, monthly payments for residential property must exceed 500 TL by bank transfer or postal transfer. The printed evidence is proof of payment. The information to be included in the rental agreement In a typical rental agreement, information on the address and retail sale of the property, the name of the owner and, if applicable, its representatives, the tenant`s instructions, the start date and duration of the contract, the amount of the rent and the conditions of increase, the method of payment, the surety paid by the tenant, the description of the property contained in the monthly rent of the contract. If a renovation is needed before moving into the house, the princess of these fees and expenses should be clarified in the agreement. A written rental agreement requires a stamp duty for the deposit. The tax is a percentage of the annual rental fee and is usually paid by the tenant at the beginning of the contract. Rents can be freely agreed at the beginning of leases.

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