Both parents are responsible for the needs of children, not only when children are physically with them, but also when they are separated. ” Good morning. First of all, thank you for having this program. I hope you can help me solve my problem. I`m Erma, married to two children. Recently, my mistress called his wife for help from children. He did not recognize the child. Is it possible to provide financial assistance when we are married when the application has been made? If he is really the father, since we have children and we are married, is he obliged to provide support? ” Good morning. Good morning! My husband and I were married in August 2002 as part of a civil right. After we get married, everything will be fine. He was a good supplier to us. Until April 2008, he asked me to quit my job and take my mother full time with our daughter.

I accepted my husband`s request because my daughter is ready for school during this time. August 2008 was his scheduled flight to Dubai, United Arab Emirates. The first months of 2008 and early 2009 were correct. We receive our monthly allowance. Until mid-2009, he stopped sending his suppport to our child. Meanwhile, I keep sending him messages, calling and asking him what the problem is. He would have always said that there is no problem in him, he just wants to pay his unpaid credit to a financial company here in the Philippines left. I keep asking him to send us money, because in the meantime, I don`t have a job. He stopped communicating with us after our last discussion in 2009.

I do not know what is planned for us, I decided to look for a job and fortunately I was hired in an international NGO (2 years) and DSWD (November 2014 to December 2018). He ignores us until now, we have not received any financial support for my daughter. In December 2018, I tried to send him a message that informs him, and I even ask him to support our Daughther because my work with DSWD ended last December 2018. He continues to ignore my message. Last January, my daughter was diagnosed with postiv for dengue fever, and again, I tried to reach him to help me with medical examinations and medication. But still no answer from him. My daughter is still a minor and needs her financial support for her daily needs. As you are a single mother, the child is under your sole parental authority. However, he still has an obligation to provide assistance to the child. I don`t know what you mean by “petition for child care”? (1) scholarship programmes for qualified lone parents and their children in primary, tertiary and vocational and qualification institutions; And my daughter is now 9 years old, in a single parent family, and my daughter`s father, with whom I broke up two years ago, has not given support to the children.

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