But Tari did not expect her marriage to end quickly. When Tari has just reached the house of Bian (Call Byantara), the wife is surprised by her husband`s proposal to agree. If jama first, many simbah2 married because of marriage and minimal separation, and they bahagia2 only. Rarely separated for fraud let alone KDRT. I don`t know why I can`t do this now. Movies are ideal stories, but at least there are good things that can be applied in life. See the rest of the story in the film Wedding Agreement, broadcast in Viu. I also actually nebak end of the story, but because gabut and gabut has no other choice, finally watch this (kok samaan sih mba wkwk). Although the plot is already guessed, the way the director delivered the film is pretty good, I think. Bian then explains to Tari, upon her return, that Sarah comes unsolicited. Tari does not try to take care of it and intends to go to Bandung with her best friend, Friend. Even though Bian asked him not to leave because there was a family event with Bian.

Along the way, Tari got into so much trouble that she finally went home and went to Bian`s show at the right time, when Bian`s sister felt her marriage was in trouble. Where aldi is hahaha. Aldi “heats up” Bian even as he often goes to his Tari seminar. yes, Tari said then to Bian, if he left later, Bian will ask permission for the trip to go well. The film does not explain why Tari and Bian were engaged. However, the novel tells the reason for Tari and Bian`s match. In addition, the endings are different in films and novels. This film that I was not allowed to see. Fortunately there is a review here so I can know the content of the story. I haven`t seen this movie yet.

It turns out that there is a lot of wisdom behind the plot. Although the end is already guessed, but kok always curious yes and want to watch live, hi film by Archie Hekagery tells of a couple, Tari Hapsari (Indah Permatasari) and Byantara Wicaksana (Refal Hady).

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