ARTNeT`s DA9 ” The development of trade and investment has stimulated growth in many developing countries. Strong growth has contributed to a significant reduction in poverty and improved overall well-being in the Asia-Pacific region, as in other regions. However, there are still significant differences in performance between countries, which prevents all countries – let alone all groups and individuals within countries – from benefiting in the same way from trade. In particular, least developed countries, landlocked developing countries and other countries with special needs have not benefited as much from trade as other developing countries. ATPs have the potential to promote growth, employment and social well-being. Improving market access can create business opportunities, increase the volume of trade and facilitate regional integration. Larger, more competitive markets can also benefit consumers by offering more diversified and cheaper goods and services. ATPs can provide developing countries with the opportunity to modernize and improve their domestic regulations, including services, investment and competition, to increase their economic efficiency. In addition, under the established approach of THE Asia-Pacific Research and Training Network on Trade Network (ARTN) and UNNExT (UnnExT), an advisory committee of experts on preferential liberalization will be established to continuously support governments and other public and private actors in the PTA process. In the long term, this body will be maintained by the use of in-kind contributions that create the potential of a self-financing operation. The Advisory Board will include some of its MEMBERS from the ARTNeT and UNNExT network to scientists, knowledge communities and trade and development practitioners who have already shown their readiness to advise and support governments on these issues. 9:15 At the Empirical Evidence of the Social and Income Distribution Effects of Trade Policy: Transmission Channels and Case Studies The project targets a group of pilot countries most in need of support and support and who can benefit from projects and TTPs.

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