These provisions apply after the application of the non-profit rule and without prejudice to the Commission`s right to reduce the amount of the subsidy. signing a grant agreement and how payments are made. The single-recipient grant agreement is only available in English in pdf format. 1.1 This agreement is concluded as part of the partnership between the parties. It is established in accordance with the relevant provisions of the Framework Partnership Agreement […] signed between the Commission and the humanitarian organisation [the date on which the last contracting party signed the Partnership Framework Agreement] (`framework partnership agreement`). The terms of the Partnership Framework Agreement and its annexes apply fully to this agreement, unless expressly stated to the contrary. The provisions of the VPA and its annexes (General Terms and Appendix III) apply to the AMS. However, if Section 6 of the AMS (see tab below) provides for conditions that deviate or complement the terms and conditions, they prevail over all other applicable rules. 1.2 The Commission has decided to grant a grant (hereafter referred to as “subsidy”) in accordance with the terms set out in this agreement and in the Partnership Framework Agreement, including its annexes, for the action entitled [insert the title of the bold action] (hereafter referred to as “action”), as described in the single form, which is an integral part of this agreement. The stock is taken from section 1.2 of the form. If the title of the action does not indicate the country of work, it should be included.

The single form reference number is the number that is automatically communicated to the partner at the time of submission of the latest version of the call proposal. The system automatically identifies the latest version of the SF (approved version) and inserts the corresponding reference number into the agreement. 1.3 By signing this agreement, the humanitarian organization accepts the grant and declares its readiness to apply it under its own responsibility, in accordance with the terms of the agreement and the partnership framework agreement, including its annexes. The text of the Terms And Desanhang III is not attached to individual agreements, but by signing the agreement, the partner acknowledges that they apply to the action. The full text of the proposal (i.e. the latest version of the single form submitted by the partner and adopted by ECHO) is also an integral part of the agreement. If your proposal is accepted, you will be asked to sign a detailed contract called the Grant Agreement. If ECHO decides to grant a specific grant for the implementation of a humanitarian action, it sends to Partner 2 copies of the specific grant agreement (SGA) on the basis of the model of the specific grant agreement (SGA) as presented in the VPA (below available below) and, if necessary, adapted. 6.1 Either the following specific conditions complement and prevail over all other provisions of the Partnership Framework Convention and its annexes: […]. or “Not applicable.” The specific conditions that complete the agreement relate to cases where one of the contracting parties wishes to include in the agreement provisions that are not provided for by the existing clauses, such as specific reporting obligations. B, additional interim reports, additional pre-financing payments, etc. To the extent that it is not appropriate to do so, the “Non-applicable” section is indicated.

6.2 The following specific conditions are deviant from all other provisions of the Partnership Framework Agreement and its annexes and prevail over all other provisions of the Partnership Framework Agreement and its annexes: […] or “Unworkable”. Exceptions relate to cases where, for justified reasons, a clause in an agreement or rules applicable to the agreement, such as the terms of sale, should not apply to the agreement concerned and will instead apply to another rule.

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