Land O Lakes Agreement

April 10, 2021

“Ex Corde” can be considered the result of the dialogue initiated by the declaration of the lakes; It reflects some of its themes and offers others a fix. But again, the right balance between autonomy and community and their role in practical decisions is not clearly defined. Unfortunately, questions often arise in the guise of the public around beginner speakers, honorary doctorates and controversial events on campus, such as invitations to President Obama to Notre Dame in 2009, Kathleen Sebelius, Minister of Health and Human Services, after Georgetown in 2011 and Enda Kenny, Prime Minister of Ireland, Boston College in 2013. It is certain that a more intense dialogue between university leaders and bishops on such high-level events is needed. Danone`s North American division said in a statement provided by Just Food: “This case concerns a contractual dispute over our trademark licensing agreement that is currently in effect. It is Danone`s position that Land O`Lakes does not have the right to grant trademarks to other parties under the terms of the agreement with WWF Operating Company. According to media reports, the licensing agreement is still in effect in the United States, but a parallel agreement with Dean Foods in 2002 allowed the company to sell the same products in eight states by May of this year. Danone`s North American division filed a lawsuit against the Land O`Lakes in Colorado District Court, claiming that the U.S. company violated a 2013 agreement with WhiteWave Foods, a plant-based company that the French milk giant bought in 2016 from the now bankrupt and dismantled dewatering milk company Dean Foods. The Holy Office may condemn certain views as incompatible with Catholic doctrine, but it was unacceptable to university advocates that the writings could be repressed in a scientific press by a secret directive from an ecclesiastical authority. There is no doubt that certain scientific points of view gain in currency for non-rational factors, such as an intellectual fashion, and some may abuse academic freedom. However, the heart of a university`s work is the search for truth through the free and transparent exchange of ideas and arguments.

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