Tokyo Agreement Quantum

April 13, 2021

QiIC`s main objective is to strategically accelerate the activities of D in the field of quantum computers in Japan, bringing together academic talents from all the country`s universities and leading research associations and the big industry. The consortium intends to develop quantum computer technology in Japan and build an ecosystem to improve students` skills and expertise and open doors to future scientific discoveries and quantum applications. As part of the agreement, an IBM Q System One, which is owned and operated by IBM, will be installed at an IBM plant in Japan. This will be the first facility of its kind in the region and only the third in the world after the United States and Germany. The Q System One is used to develop research in quantum algorithms, applications and software, with the aim of developing the first practical applications of the quantum computer. The JHLC is obliged to do much to promote cooperation in technology with military applications more by standards than by law. Nevertheless, there are limited opportunities, as he might imagine, to do more. At present, it focuses primarily on the “limits of science,” somewhat on “capacity building” within the Alliance, much less on “strategic intentions” or efforts to maximize “duline science.” 45 The 1988 U.S.-Japan S-T agreement is limited to “peaceful cooperation activities.” Many officials in both countries see a need and a chance for the JHLC to play a greater role in improving the coordination of bilateral S-T cooperation with their respective national strategies, particularly with regard to dual-use technologies46. to prohibit working together.

“Quantum technology and quantum computers are essential technologies to achieve this. I believe that Japan will play an important role in the implementation of quantum computing technology for society before the rest of the world and that cooperation between industry and science and government is needed to do so. The QIIC will accelerate quantum research and its implementation in Society 5.0, while firmly sharing each other`s wisdom and promoting close exchange of information. Companies involved in the development of services that combine Leap-Quanten-Gluhcloud with NEC supercomputers. We intend to use the spirit of science, technology and innovation to pursue the cooperation and mutual respect it confers and promote QIST, including, but not only on quantum computers, quantum interconnection and quantum sensory, which supports the development of society and industry.

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