No no. Smoking in public places in Malaysia (restaurants, indoors and air-conditioned areas) is against the law. A savvy vehicle is considered a public place, so you cannot smoke in it. If we believe that someone smoked in the vehicle during the rental period, you will be charged a fine of MYR500 (subject to 6% service tax) for special cleaning services. What if I`m not here, if you want the vehicle back? Many in Malaysia have to rent a vehicle. This may be required of those in offices in the country for a specified period of time. Or often, Malays prefer to rent rather than buy. One way or another, those who are going to rent a car need to know essential things about renting a vehicle. (ii) part of this liability may be removed if the tenant has acquired in advance the partial abandonment of collision damage (CDW) and has declared himself ready to: pay the necessary tax, as evidenced by the initials of in the CDW space, which in the waiver does not apply to and the tenant is responsible for the amount of the non-refundable damage surplus RM 1,800.00 for the vehicle less than 1800cc and RM 2,800.00 above 1800cc vehicle. However, the CDW does not cover damage caused by negligence, windshield and riots. The vehicle is not insured by insurance policies for injuries or death of the tenant and passenger of the vehicle. There is no waiver of any damage caused to the vehicle by the conduct of the tenant who violates the rental contract by driving by careless driving, driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs, and in such cases the tenant is responsible for all damage to the vehicle and is reimbursed to the owner of the loss. The fee depends on where you rent and where the vehicle is delivered in Malaysia, but you can expect it to be between MYR30.00 and RM900 in one direction depending on the location (inside the peninsula/east of Malaysia).

Please share your rental plans with us and we will be our best to offer you our best solution for your reflection. We charge a fee for each additional driver we allow to drive. The price depends on the location from which you rent, but you can expect it to be RM10.00 (subject to 6% service tax) per day, per driver. 18. ENTIRE AGREEMENT This agreement represents the entire agreement between the landlord and the tenant. Yes, for some rental points, you can pick up the vehicle and all optional extras in one rental location and return it to another.

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