Regional and territorial agreements are concluded in accordance with the general rule before relevant draft budgets are submitted to the representative bodies of the Russian Federation and the governing bodies. A staff member may withdraw his application for the entire withdrawal period. In this case, there is no dismissal, except in cases where another worker, who cannot be refused an employment contract under this code and other federal statutes, is invited in writing to that position. Collective agreements and individual employment contracts may limit the work of women working in the Far North and the regions concerned by 36 hours per week, unless federal legislation imposes shorter working hours. The work is paid at the same rate as for the full work week. The termination of an employment contract with a worker for reasons, referred to in paragraph 2 of this article, is permitted if it is not possible to transfer that employee to another activity with the consent of an employee. An employment contract concluded on the date of the end of a certain work is completed at the end of this work. In accordance with its treaty, the EU sets conditions at European level for working conditions. The treaty gives European social partners a special role in preparing labour law initiatives at EU level. The Commission calls on the social partners to conclude agreements in this area.

The Commission can also present legislative proposals to the Council and Parliament. Changing ownership of an organization`s ownership cannot be grounds for terminating employment contracts with other employees of an organization. When employment contracts are entered into with several categories of workers, laws and other ordinary laws may require advice on the possibility of entering into an employment contract or on the terms of an employment contract with corresponding organizations or authorities that are not employers on these agreements or who contract more copies of an employment contract. The deadlines for the second year of work and the next can be granted at any time of the working year, in accordance with the priority given to the granting of paid annual accounts set by the organization concerned. Wages are paid directly to the employee, except in cases where another form of payment is set by law or the employment contract. Article 414. Guarantees and legal conditions of workers in the context of the strike It is not permissible to refuse women in employment contracts because of their pregnancy or their presence of children. When a hidden production accident is discovered or a complaint, request or other complaint from the victim, his or her deputy or the relationship of a victim who died as a result of the accident is made indicating their refusal of the findings of the Board of Inquiry and if the employer or his agent also has information on the consequences of a production accident.

, at the expiry of the temporary victim`s incapacity to work, the Public Labour Protection Inspector reviews the accident in production in accordance with the provisions of this section, regardless of the statute of limitations on the accident involving, as a general rule, the union inspector and, if applicable, a representative of another public supervisory authority. Special working hours, working conditions for certain categories of workers who directly exploit means of transportation are defined by the federal executive for the corresponding transport value. These specific procedures should not deteriorate working conditions compared to those defined in this code. When developing the shift work plan, the employer must take into account the opinion of the workers` representation. Shift work plans are usually complements to the collective agreement. In each work plan, the calculation of the average wages of the worker is based on his wages actually calculated and his time actually calculated for the 12 months preceding the date of payment.

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