Megs Agreement

September 27, 2021

POINTS Plus is freely available to any NHS organisation that requests it. The service is offered under the Medical Educational Goods and Services (MEGS) contract with a contractual agreement signed by the NHS organisation and the participating general practitioner (only the authorisation form) describing the services covered by the offer. MEGS is a working method described in clause 19 of the PMCPA Code of Practice 2016, which improves patient care or benefits the NHS and maintains patient care. POINTS Plus is offered by GSK as a medical service for the improvement of patient care. There is no cost to the NHS for providing the service. There is no obligation to prescribe GSK drugs in order to benefit from this service. The GP retains control of the service at all times and meets the requirements of the Global Data Protection Regulations May 2018. Please disregard approved requests until you have received a written agreement signed by Astellas Pharma Ltd. AstraZeneca may use the name, address and unique identifier of the family doctor`s office to represent only the geographic use of the software.

AstraZeneca will not at any time use personal data collected for purposes other than those defined in the User Agreement and will not disclose any personal data to third parties without prior written consent. The agreement includes four data extractions over a one-year period. The participation of a pharmaceutical company is strictly limited to the provision or provision of the MEGS subsidy or MegS service. On the other hand, companies do not benefit from direct advantages. If you have applied for funding for these activities from other organizations, please provide details. If no other request has been submitted, please write “nil” in “Organization below” Below are listed the types of Novartis MEGS that we can provide to healthcare organizations for the benefit of patients and using the NHN. If you are interested in applying for Novartis MEGS, please complete the “Novartis MEGS Request Form” (97KB) below, in which you indicate which of our MEGS interests you and to request a meeting with a Novartis medical staff member to discuss your application. AstraZeneca provides healthcare organizations with medical and educational goods and services in the field of diabetes. Each is subject to a specific criterion and capacity. A number of conditions must be met for AstraZeneca to be able to support healthcare organisations in this way, of which Novartis Pharmaceuticals UK (Novartis) Limited can, upon request, support healthcare organisations and patient groups in the form of financial aid (financial grants) and healthcare organisations in the form of medical goods and services (MEGS). . .


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